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Mossy Imports Pty Ltd has over 16 years experience in the manufacturing, distribution and retailing. We pride ourself on our local Asia-Pacific knowledge and established global distribution network.

Mossy Imports continually commits to developing and producing quality products, upholding excellence and innovation throughout our range. We specialise in developing "product ideas” and manufacture them ready for the consumer market. We in turn market and release our product range, via trade shows, wholesale and the retail sectors.  We have built some well known and trusted brands backed by quality and excellence that win our customers over time and time again. Our team have been involved with family owned boutique stores to large chain stores and have great relationships with our entire client base. 

We pride ourselves on our specialist “on the ground knowledge” approach to manufacturing and quality control, ensuring all our products are of the highest standards.  Our teams commitment to ensure we deliver quality through every product is paramount and our products are testament to that. Thats "The Mossy Way”

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